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What is 64asa?
64asa is an indespensible tool for professional photographers. It is an online show and sell programme which allows you to show your work to the widest possible audience (i.e. all guests at a wedding and not just the wedding party), show the images more easily and sell images to those who might not otherwise get the chance to buy them.

It also provides a quicker and cheaper alternative to proofs, CDs, albums and order forms as the way to deliver work to your customers. You can also upsell 64asa's online service as an extra feature of, say, a wedding package under your own brand.

Ideal for photographers

64asa offers huge benefits for the photographer.

  Puts you online if you don't have a web site and enhances any existing web site

  Is fully branded to your company and your name, not ours

  Gets images to your customers quickly, easily and securely - no more proof books or CDs to distribute

  No more making of thumbnail images - the site makes these automatically

  No more watermarking of proofs - onsite security does it all for you

  Allows more people (i.e all the guests at a wedding) to see and buy your images

  Simple control of available image sizes that can be ordered and print prices

  Flexible payment methods - forms/cheques, secure data collect, gateways (WorldPay, MetaCharge etc.)

  Fully integrated, commission-based credit card payment system available

  No upfront costs, rapid activation, one simple price - ?21.99 per month* - 1st month free **

  Unlimited storage space - unlimited uploads, unlimited customer viewings

  Archiving allows effortless sales long after the event to replace lost or damaged images

  Your space on the service is branded to your specification to match any exist brand image

Perfect for customers
Get your images to your clients faster. As soon as they are ready, simply upload and email your client with their password and they can view their photographs immediately. No bulky proof-books, no long drives to the customer's house, no CDs to lose and the happy couple can even view their wedding photos while on honeymoon.

  Entire weddings albums can be organised and bought online

  Clients get access to their images fast and they are available anytime, anywhere

  Lets newlyweds see their wedding photos when they are still on honeymoon

  Clients know that their images are safe and secure through password protection

  Friends and family in faraway places quickly and easily see the images

  Archiving of images allows easy purchasing to replace lost or damaged images

All prices exclude VAT which will be added at 17.5%
* capped option available for ?14.75. 750Mb space, 25 events and 4Gb monthly traffic.
**only on 12 month agreements.   64 asa is part of Cameron Hardy Limited, a UK-based multimedia company.

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